時尚系二A導師吳佩珊老師因應本學期美國訪客教師Mark Sussman,以及明年芝加哥商展,規劃每週商業英文話劇,讓同學自行設計關於“簽約”,“推銷”,“行銷會議“,“採購”等主題,希望透過簡單對話,帶出專業用語學習。


W:Hotel Worker(馬偉倫同學飾演)

G:Guest (Ri-Ri,Rihana)( 李國豪同學飾演)


W: Good afternoon,Sir.Welcome to Ming Dao KOZYINN .


W:How may I help you,sir

G:I have a reservation.

W:Ok,sir,can I have your name,sir?

G:My name is Ri…..Ri,my reservation is under my name,Ri…..Ri.


W:Ok,sir,let me have a check for you,Li…..Li…

G:Excuse me,my name is…Ri…Ri,ok?

W:Oh,I am so sorry…re-enter,Ri…Ri,alright,sir,we’ve reserved a room with a king-size bed for you with a view of the ocean for two night,is that correct?

G:Yes,it is.

W:But sorry sir,it seems that our reservation guest is a girl name Ri-Ri,Rihana,I don’t think that you are a girl,are you?

G:Please,who told you that Rihana is a girl?I am Rihana,Rihana is me,ok?Here,this is my ID card,why don’t you have a look on it?

W:Oh,I am so sorry about that,for God’s sake,why are you named after the pop singer Rihana,hahaha…

G:Ha…ha…ha,is that funny?How much was my cost,please…

W:It’s total NT1500,sir.

G:Here’s 2000,keep the change.

W:Thank you,sir.

G:What’s included in this cost anyway?

W:Well,a continental buffet every morning,swimming pool,gym room and wifi coverage everywhere within the hotel area.

G:So,is there anything not included in the price,please…

W:Well,there’s a mini-refrigerator in your room,and things in it will be charged if you have used.

G:Ok,so what room am I in,please…

W:You’re in room 666,to get to your room,take the elevator up to fourth floor,turn left out of the elevator,walk straight,take the only elevator you can see up to sixth floor,turn right out of the elevator,turn left after walk pass four rooms,then turn right after three room and your room will be on your left hand side.


G:It seems complicated,can you show me the way,please…

W:No problem,this way.

G:So,what is the check-out time,please?

W:It’s at midday,sir and here’s your room.


W:It’s my pleasure,sir,have a wonderful stay at Ming Dao five start hotel.Thank you.


對話設計演出:時尚二A 馬偉倫/李國豪