Leather shop purchases

Leather shop purchases




B:Welcome! May I help you?

G:Do you have leather here?

B:Yes,we have a lot of different kinds of leather,like cow leather, snake skin and crocodile……

G:Excuse me.Do you have rexine?Because of the limited budget.

B:Oh! I see.We also have rexine.Do you want to buy PV or PVC? 。

G:What is the difference?

B:PV is an environmental-protective material. And it’s more like genuine leather and durable. PVC is much cheaper,but perishable and not eco-friendly.


G:Sounds like PV is more snitable. can you show me both of them?

B:OK.Come with me. This area is the PV .That area is the PVC. And some of them are mixed

G: Thank you for the explaination.

B: Please take your time.Let me know if you need anything else.

G: Can you help me get that one on the back?I want to know the texture.

B:There is a sample list.You can see it.


G: Where is this kind of leather on the catalog?

B:Sorry,we’re out of that.

G: Then,when will you have it again?

B:Maybe next time.

G:I will think about it.

G:Is there any other colors ?

B:There are all the colors we have.

G:So I want this one 2 yards,and that one 1 yards.


B: Please leave your information here, I will notify you when your order is here.


B: This one is 2500 dollars and the other one is 1000

dollars.The total is 3500 dollars.

G:Ok,wait a minute.

B: Take it easy.

G: Here.

B:Here is 500 dollars.


B: :Thank you.Welcome to visit again.

The end