Air ticket booking conversation

O: Customer service officer( 吳嘉 櫻同學飾演)

C: Customer( 張嘉欣同學飾演)

O: Hello, here is Agnes for China Airline, how may I help you?

C: I want to book a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong.

O: When would you like to leave, Miss?

C: I would like to leave between October 19 and October 21, preferably I the morning.

O: How many people will be travelling, Miss?

C: Two, my husband and me.

O: Do you wanna go Economy, Business or First Class?

C: I prefer to fly First Class if that’s possible.

O: Yes, Miss. We do have seats for October 21.

C: What time is the flight, please?

O: The plane will leave Tao Yuan International Airport at 8:00a.m in the morning and land in Hong Kong at 1:45p.m in the afternoon.

C: What time do we have to be at the airport to check in?

O: An hour and a half before the departure Miss, that means at around 6:30a.m.

C: All right, how much are the two tickets, please?

O: Five hundred and ten dollar, Miss. All tax are included.

C: Woo~ That’s perfect! Can I book that then?

O: Certainly, Miss. Would you like to book a return flight as well?

C: No, we just need a one-way ticket, thanks!

O: Very well, Miss. I will need to have you and your husband’s name, please?

C: It’s Niall Richman and RI RI Richman.

O: Can you spell it for me, please?

C: Yes, mine is P-A-T-R-I-C-I-A R-I-C-H-M-A-N and my husband’s name is N-I-A-L-L R-I-C-H-M-A-N.

O: OK, Miss. How would you like to pay for the ticket?

C: I’ll paying with my platinum Visa Card.

O: OK, Miss. What’s your Card number?

C: It’s 123-456-789-111.

O: What is the expiration date, Miss?

C: The expiration date is on July 25 2017.

O: Let me give you your confirmation number. It’s 123-456-789-111.

C: Thank you! I got it!

O: Thank you for choosing our airline, Miss. Have a nice day and goodbye!

C: Bye!