Play: Good afternoon.This is Genting reservation. Play speaking,how can I help you?
Singkon:Yes.Good afternoon. I want to book a room.
Play:Sure,may I have the number of you member card?
P:Thankyou.Miss Sing.So when you want to book the room?
S:I would like to book one room from 10th until 12th November.
P:Okay.Miss Sing.I help you to check the hotel availability first,please hold on awhile.So do you need a single bed or double bed?
S:Oh great. I prefer double bed. And I want to request a balcony floor and near to the lift.
P:Okay.No problem.Miss Sing. I will help you to request for it. May I have you telephone no. to do a verification before booking? Thank you.
P:Thank you for your verification Miss Sing please hold on awhile, I help you to make a booking.So I reconfirm your reservation,one room two night stay,check in 10/11, check out 12/11,double bed room and request balcony floor and near the lift .Am I correct?Miss Sing.
S:Yes. Correct.
P:Okay.So total cost is 2439 dollars.And you can check in after 1pm.Your booking no.is 1338990.
S:May I used the credit card to pay it?
P:Ofcause! You can pay it when you check in.
S:Okay,sure thank you. When is the breakfast start and which floor is it?
P:Breakfast time is from 7.30am until 12.00pm at 6 floor.Our buffet is western cuisine.
P: So anything I can help you again?
S:No,thankyou play.
P:Thank you for your calling,wish you have a nice day!