B : Boyfriend ( 汪欣欣同學飾演 )

G : Girlfriend ( 傅霈芠同學飾演 )

B : I bought this CD of Guns and Roses from a vendor 供應商 at the subway exit.

G : From a vendor? Then, it must be a pirate copy盜版.

B : It doesn’t matter. It cost me only 5 dollars. Very cheap!

G : Honey, it’s still too early to be cheerful. Test the sound quality on your CD player first. May be this CD it Fake 贗品.

B : Sure. Oh, no! You are right.

G : What’s the matter? Something wrong?

B : It’s not Guns and Roses. Not even music!

G : Sorry. But it happens all the time. You know, it’s a pirate copy.

B : Yeah. I think the vendor is still there. May I return it to get my money back?

G : Don’t even try. You can’t get that done. Just don’t buy any pirate copies any more in the future.

B : Of course not. I feel cheated欺騙 and it’s not so funny.

G : I understand it, honey. I had the same experience before. You know, it takes risks 風險 when you buy this illegal 違法的 cheap stuff. Just forget about it and cheer up.

B : You are right. Anyway, I’d like to get some CDs of Guns and Roses. Will you go with me?

G : Sure. I’d like to get some stuff for myself, too. What’s more, l’ve got a membership card here. With it, we can get a really good price.

B : Really? Then let’s go and get some legal 合法的 copies this time!

G : Great. Here we go.