主題: 專利侵權 Patent Infringement


瑄茵: Welcome to the todays news. 歡迎收看今日的新聞

茵: Hello, I am the reporter , Linda. 您好,我是報導Linda

瑄: Hello, I am the reporter, Tiffany. 您好,我是報導Tiffany

瑄茵: We will report on the latest News for you. 我們將為您報導最新的新聞

茵: What is the News of today? 今日的報導是什麼?

瑄: It is about the patent infringement of Samsung recriminated Apple. 這是一則有關三星反控蘋果的專利侵權新聞.

茵: Why Samsung appealed against the ten patent infringement of Apple at April 22 ? 為何三星於四月二十二日對蘋果提出十項的專利侵權訴訟?

瑄: Because of Apple accused Samsung Galaxy products of plagiarizing appearance and design to iphone and ipad at April 15. 因為蘋果於四月十五日控告三星的Galaxy系列產品抄襲iphon和ipad 的外觀和設計

茵:Why was that Samsung didn’t recriminate Apple immediately in the U.S.A., and chose multinational litigation. 那為何三星不直接在美國反控蘋果,而選擇多國訴訟呢?

瑄: Florian Muller is a specialist in patent. He pointed out that American legal procedure spend too much time. 專利專家Florian Muller 指出,因為美國的法律訴訟耗費時日

茵: However, the smart phone in the market still had many items of lawsuit. 然而現在智慧型手機市場中,仍有許多項法律訴訟

瑄:Yes. It is interesting for the news. Because between Apple and Samsung are cooperationist. 是的,不過由於蘋果和三星之間也是合作夥伴,所以特別引人關注

茵:In the Wall Street Journal , Tim Cook expressed that Apple was the largest customer for Samsung , and Samsung is the most important component supplier. Therefore, each other hope to be a good relationship forever. 在《華爾街日報》報指出,蘋果的Tim Cook 表示, 蘋果是三星的最大客戶,而三星是蘋果的重要元件供應商,因此兩家希望能維持良好的合作關係

瑄:Actually , a department of Samsung’s mobile communication infringed upon the right . And try to solve the matter before decided the lawsuit. 但實際上,三星的行動通訊部門確實侵權,並且在多次嘗試解決此事後,才決定訴諸法律

茵:The litigation between Samsung and Apple will be a long war. 三星與蘋果之間的訴訟將會是一場持久的戰爭

瑄: If you want to know a lot , please follow us . We will make adetailed report for you.


瑄茵:Thank you for watching. 謝謝您的收看


1. patent 專利 n.

2. infringement 侵犯 n.

3. recriminate 反控 v.

4. appeal 上訴 v.

5. accuse 控告 v.

6. plagiarize 抄襲 v.

7. multinational 多國的 adj.

8. litigation 訴訟 n.

9. lawsuit 訴訟 n.

10. component 零件 n.