The Language Center is established in 2014 and functioning under the Office of International Affairs. The Language Center is founded on facilitating students enhance their foreign language or Chinese language proficiency, and in response to the Chinese Learning for Foreigners initiative launched by the government and to cater to the needs of MingDao University's sister schools overseas, as well as expats and aspiring Chinese teachers in central Taiwan. Tasked with the objective of promoting Chinese learning, the Language Center is also committed to enriching the foreign language learning environment on campus and facilitating international exchanges.

The Language Center currently offers two types of programs. The English Learning Program is designed for MingDao students and international students, whose native language is Chinese, to improve their English proficiency. The Chinese Learning Program is for foreigners around the world interested in learning Chinese language and foreign degree students to learn or improve their Chinese language capacity.

Our Mission :
  • To help students enhance their foreign language or Chinese language proficiency.
  • To provide quality Chinese learning courses for people around the world interested in learning the language.
  • To promote Chinese culture and Taiwanese heritage.
  • To facilitate the exchange of international cultures on campus.
  • To promote foreign language education for international exchange