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Message from Dean


Welcome to the College of Management.


This college was established on 1 August 2007, the time MingDao was officially upgraded from a college to a comprehensive university by the Ministry of Education, ROC.


We are one of Taiwan's high-status management schools producing business professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in various fields. Currently, this college comprises five undergraduate departments (business innovation & development, global marketing & logistics, finance, hospitality management, leisure recreation & holistic wellness), one BBA program, two graduate programs (MBA and EMBA), and poll center for public opinion. We offer diversified curricula programs to satisfy the changing needs of industrial businesses while maintaining a culture of innovation and dedication to research.


Our faculty and staff are fully endeavored to uphold the highest level of education quality so as to advance our students achieving their higher career goals. This college will make every effort on recruiting quality faculty and providing more stimulating environments to boost the business academic research and to cultivate the advanced business education.


To share our passions for business education, you are welcome to visit the Dean’s office at 309 KaiWu Enlightenment Hall.






                                August 01, 2009










About the Dean


Professor Lawrence Lan received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University (1976), M.S. degree in Traffic engineering (Civil Engineering) from National Taiwan University (1979), and Ph.D. degree in Transportation management (Civil Engineering) from University of California at Berkeley (1986). After teaching in the Institute of Traffic and Transportation at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) for 27 years, Prof. Lan was retired (2006) and honored as a lifetime Emeritus Professor of NCTU. Starting from August 2007, he was invited to MingDao University as a full-time professor and appointed as the Director of Institute of Management and the Dean of College of Management.


Professor Lan has devoted his life to educating students and researching on traffic flow studies, transportation economics, productivity and performance evaluation, econometric modeling and forecasting. He has won many academic research awards from local and international academic societies. He ever supervised 70 masters and 18 PhDs at NCTU, published more than 400 journal refereed papers, conference papers and research reports. In addition, Professor Lan has been serving as associate editor or guest editor for several international journals, including Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers (SCI), Transportmetrica (SSCI, SCI), Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (SCI), International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, and International Journal of Applied Evolutionary Computation.


Professor Lan used to be very actively participating in international and local academic activities. He ever served as director-at-large of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS), vice chairman of the International Scientific Committee (ISC)-EASTS, and chair of the awarding sub-committee for ISC-EASTS. He has been invited as keynote speaker or guest speaker in many international conferences or workshops. Besides, Professor Lan was also very active in Taiwan’s transportation society and cross-strait’s academic activities. He ever served as the core member, advisor, or chair for many committees in the central and local government organizations. He was the inspecting committee member, co-chair or chair for Taipei Rapid Transit System, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei MaoKung Skyline System, and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System. Professor Lan was also the advisor to the mayors of Taipei City and Taipei County for nearly 20 years.


Professor Lan values academic research. Although he has been fully dedicated to the MingDao University’s administrative affairs, yet he never brings to a standstill in doing research. He always encourages the young faculty to form research teams for interdisciplinary research projects and to publish the works in international prestige journals.

Working Associates



Dean's Office

  Dean: Professor Lawrence Lan


  more information…(link to Lan’s CV)


  Tel: +886-4- 887-6660  ext.7500


  Secretary: Assistant Professor Erwin T.J. Lin

  (秘書:林村基 助理教授)

  more information…(link to Lin’s CV)


  Tel: +886-4-887-6660  ext.7502

  Assistant: Ms Sufung Lu



  Tel: +886-4-887-6660  ext.7501


Associate: Mr Hartis Lin



  Tel: +886-4-887-6660  ext.7503