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Goal of Development
In addition to joint programs with other institutes to find cognition of digital environment, several projects in campus were developed during past four years, such as experiment on fuel cell and solar energy. Due to the predictable call on human resource for production of cultural content and creative industry following the wave of "Challenge 2008 -National Development Plan', we are currently planning a leap toward the virtual reality, game authoring and interactive media.
Current DDD constructs four focused minors that deal with particular subject areas for students to select.

Computer Aid Design is using computation for architecture, industrial design, internal designing, planning , hardware designing , 3D modeling, and graphic designing. Most methodologies of this area were developed since 1970'. Nowadays, when the computer's processing power gets better, a lot of sophistic designs of this focused area can be done easily after picking up appropriate digital tools. Design for industries or mega constructions are as easy as clicking on a laptop. Here is for those who want to find how to do it.

Digital Multimedia is a study to create digital contents for communication via Web, CD-ROM, DVD as well as personal wireless devices. By converging contents that extract from conventional visual media , such as TV or film, a shareable object for digital utilization is designed. Film production, storyboarding, photography, 3D computer animation, web authoring and keyboard musician are essential to learn. Design for digital multimedia is also a required skill for career related to cultural content, entertainment, digital cinema, 3D animation and electronic music.

New Media Art is using digital tools to create artworks following the discipline of liberal art. Technology changed art forms through out centuries. At the digital age, we still can find the truth of it. Art history, aesthetic, human factor, Art Deco and fundamental sketch are centered to oversee. Student will learn to use digital tools to create art pieces, such as installation, painting, poster, concept film, virtual reality and video games. New media art still want to concern with impressing viewers and drawing emotional feedback.

Interactive Interface is for conveying message between analogue world and digital one. Computer users communicate with machine by means of interface. Information transmit across analogue and digital platform efficiently trough a well-designed interface. Don't forget the human is still the lord upon machine. Simplicity is over sophistication. With motion capture device, tracking system and scripting, students will focus on learning how to design user-friendly and eye-catching interface for multiple function.

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