Department of Information Communication

The University was formally established in 2001 and the establishment of "Information Management", a view of the country and the industry demand for high-tech information personnel, 94 school year changed its name to the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. On a purely engineering point of view, information engineering and laid the basis for the Department of ICT fields. However, consider the future of the computer Internet, radio, television, satellite TV, the dissemination of marketing market is increasingly flourish, resulting in new aspects of the media and ICT integration is increasingly obvious. Therefore, in order to comply with the design trends and nurture the talents of social communication industry market earnestly, the Department has 98 academic year changed its name to the Information Department of Communication Studies.

A Highly-Masculine Department !
Very lively and "powerful" ... people may describe this department with such adjectives. Yes, computing is still naturally more related to our children. As all students live in school dorm, most of them are for the very first time to learn how to take care of daily chores. This is sometimes frustrating, but sometimes very very exciting. Ideas and ideas come up one by one when they get together. Family-like connections are also gradully established.

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