Department of Recreation and Holistic Wellness


1. Aim on both leisure and health care.

2. The goal of education development: integrating physical, traveling tourism and mental health education.

3.Talent cultivation of professional planning and instruction of leisure activities and traveling tourism professional knowledge and capability of health care and activity leading and guiding.


1. Build a talent cultivating center in central Taiwan region of leisure , traveling tourism and health care.

2. Establish a license identification Center of outdoor activities talent.  Development

(1) Traveling tourism. 
(2) Train talents for activity coaching.
(3) Cultivate talents for health care.

3. Cultivate talents for recreational business management.  Curriculum

Mainly designed for recreational activity planning, health care and recreational business management.

1. Recreational activity planning:

train students to equip with activity planning capability. Live activity training, outdoor skills practicing and group discussion are applied to equip students with expertise and practical experience.

2. Health care:

plant students oriental and west nutrition fundamental knowledge, health care and holistic health concepts. Combine health concepts and skills practice to increase the integration of theory and applications. Field trip enhances students to understand current development of the industry.

3. Recreational business management:

Train students with leadership and management knowledge. Professional leader seminars and internships equip students with more practical experiences.