About us

Welcome to the Marketing and Logistics (ML) Department at MingDao University! The ML Department is one of the five academic departments in College of Management at MingDao. It was founded in August 2006, now it has 6 full-time faculties. It provides an innovative, critical thinking and creative environment committed to the College of Management’s vision of excellence and elegance in education. The ML Department is offering students both a wide range of perspectives on what makes successful marketing as well as a broad selection of programs designed to equip students for a variety of careers. Furthermore, it's providing practical education in specific topics of study and offering an educational experience including a strong emphasis on social responsibility in global marketing and logistics.


For the students, the ML Department provides a solid education in the theory and practice of global marketing and logistics, also, providing opportunities to more thoroughly study in a particular aspect of the field. Hence, that they can succeed and thrive in the challenging global marketplace. Students are our key customers and are active partners in this MingDao educational process.


For the global society, the ML Department is committed to educating students, so that they may also be willing to serve others. We strongly believe that successful marketing should reflect a fundamental concern for its impact on and relevance to all its communities.