Introduction to Department of Materials Science and Engineering

About the Department
Materials are the basis for modern industries.  They are the foundations on which all branches of engineering are built.  The quality of a product is often determined by the quality of its constituent materials.  Materials Science and Engineering represents a multidisciplinary field in.  It is devoted to the study of materials processing for different engineering applications. Materials processing also include many recent nanofabrication techniques for various nanotechnology applications.  

This department was established in 2003, starting as a graduate institute, and was expanded to include undergraduate students in 2005.  The main history is as follows:
2003: “Institute of the Applied Technology” offering  Master Degree program
2004: Renamed as “Institute of Materials and System Engineering”
2005: “Department of Materials Science and Engineering”, offering Bachelor Degree program.
2008: combining the Institute and the Department to become “Department of Materials Science and Engineering”, offering Bachelor and Master Degree Programs.

The goal of the Department is to educate students to be materials engineers or scientists with advanced functional material processing and analysis abilities.  The uniqueness of our Department is that our students are required to learn laboratory skills related to vacuum science and technology for advance material processing.

Research Areas
Our research area includes surface engineering and clean energy materials.  The idea is using plasma technique to develop ceramic thin film, optoelectronic, semiconductor, energy, and functional materials.

There are currently 9 full time faculties including 3 professors, 1 associate professor, and 5 assistant professors.

Laboratory and Facilities

We have set up many advanced material analytical instruments and materials processing equipments in the Department.  These facilities are the basis for developing high-tech products, such as optoelectronic devices, integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, solar cell, fuel cell and other green energy products et al.


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