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School Concept
We aim to cultivate a pure mind, a broad heart filled with the desire to purify the world and its people, and a professional confidence. Students at MDU inhabit an environment like a manor, a graceful academy.
They are not only professional scholars but also people who care about ethnic vitality; they are not only flexible and tactical entrepreneurs but also people who have a taste for art and cultural history. Facing the ever-changing future challenges, students adopt learning methods and abilities that will allow them to refashion themselves as fully competent problem solvers. In terms of life, we hope to cultivate people who are well-versed in humanism, art, and applied technology. As for aspirations, we hope our students can be taught to use good judgment and wisdom in their thinking.

The Objectives
To Implement the School Philosophy
MDU was born to realize the dream of cultivating citizens of the next generation to be professional, practical, broad-minded, intelligent, and determined. Towards this purpose, we have created a quiet and beautiful campus, integrated programs and resources across departments, employed enthusiastic and responsible professors, as well as implemented an academic-industry liaison system. With these features, a superior educational model has been established; in addition to serving the needs of the local community, we also serve the needs of the country, and the world.