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I very much adore Mr. Bo-Ling Chang’s spirit in establishing Nankai University in Tianjin. After the foundation of Nankai Elementary School, Mr. Bo-Ling Chang then established Nankai High School. Afterwards, he made up his mind to go to the US to pursue an advanced degree, and then returned to found Nankai University, which enjoys equal fame with Peking University and Tsinghua University.
Over the years, Ming Dao High School was given many instructions by Mr. Zhen Liu. He encouraged us to emulate the ideas of Nankai University to establish an excellent private school. Guang-ping Wang had held the position of high school principle for more than 40 years. He often felt powerless in the face of the stale education system of that time. For example, there was a huge gap between the elementary and junior high school curriculums, and between high school curriculum design and teaching methods, and so on. There are always many forces at work that limit innovation in education,, and so he began to contemplate the feasibility of a vertically integrated education system. Thus, the idea for the MingDao System was born