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Mr. Kuang-Ping Wang
Born in 1921
Graduated from the Department of Geography at Beijing Normal University

Became the principle of Taichung senior high school at the age of thirty.
Mr. Wang took great pains to reorganize the school administration, which was terribly inefficient. “The condition of the school was so poor. There were not even any walls. The quality of students and faculty was also dreadful,” said Mr. Wang
Mr. Wang made great efforts to reform the school administrative affairs, starting with hiring and firing faculty, and expelling poorly-behaved students. He defined the opening day of school each semester as “the first warning”. Through continuous inspection, he eliminated the negligent attitude of faculty and cultivated a conscientious and careful attitude.

Founded MingDao Senior High School at the Age of Forty
Mr. Wang took over at Wu-Chun Senior High School, which had been having problems enrolling new students, and renamed it MingDao Senior High School. The name of the school came from the old saying – “Real courage is from great wisdom, and the reason for seeking wisdom is the desire for benevolence. Freedom from ignorance, worry, and fear lies in a life pursued most sincere. Moral clarity is the first step to virtue, whose aim is to improve peoples’ lives. Everything should be done until it is perfect, and so, to make the meaning of life clear.”
The humane spirit of MingDao Senior High School has been acknowledged by many educators and parents. Being a student at MingDao Senior High School has become an honorable thing. Also, as a model teaching institution, with an exemplary library and first rate learning facilities, MingDao has grown to an institution of more than 10,000 students, including a junior high school, a senior high school, a comprehensive senior high school, and an education center.
The Humane Spirit of MingDao
Founded “MingDao Literature” at the age of fifty-five
“MingDao Literature is a young song, sung to young people by young people.” MingDao Literature is the only literature publication for young people in Taiwan, and it has earned government awards five times.

Established the “MingDao Chinese Literature Forum” at the Age of Seventy-two
The Tang style of architecture captures the unique essence of Chinese literature. It enables students to appreciate the beauty of traditional literature from the bottom of their heart with ancient artifacts and a beautiful environment.

Proposed the “MingDao Contemporary Literature Centre” at the Age of  Seventy-six
In addition to collections of books and autobiographies of famous writers, the center will also collect their briefings, manuscripts, photos, and videos of speeches. It plans to hold personal exhibitions of famous writers to promote the appreciation of culture and literature.

Founded the “MingDao College of Management” at the Age of Eighty
In Pitou, Changhua, Mr. Wang founded the MingDao College of Management, which was composed of eight departments, including Business Management, Information Management, Applied English Studies, Applied Japanese Studies, Agriculture, Landscape Architecture, Digital Design, and Hospitality Management.

Headed the Board of Trustees when MingDao College of Management was officially renamed “MingDao University” at the Age of Eighty-six.