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Green campus

This is an imageProfessors’ Villa

Definitely an eye-catching attraction!
The Professors’ Village at MDU is very unique in its appearance, not only for its material construction, but also for the peace that it instills in visitors. The townhouses are made of North American wood, and designed in the English country style.
Designed for professors’ families, each unit is fully furnished, with a refrigerator, love seat sofa, TV set, end tables, closets, kitchenware, cabinets, one single bed and one double bed, a dining table and chairs, and air conditioner. Professors and their families just need to bring their personal belongings, and everything is set.
One-night visitors will enjoy the sense of vacation very much, and a walk around the campus after dinner is highly recommended.
Watching TV is definitely the last item on the recommendation list. Students are honored whenever they are invited to the village for dinners or tea parties, especially during holidays. Halloween sees students gather here to carve their pumpkins together. Christmas Eve is when beautiful hymns are heard from students singing in front of each door.

This is an imageThe Beauty Lake

Taking its name from an old Chinese legend, Beauty Lake is the font of power for MingDao campus. Professors and students enjoy kayaking on the lake very much; the setting sun is more beautiful when watched from the boat on the lake than from anywhere else. Rainbows after a summer rain are more brilliant over the lake.
Lakeside walks are a common channel for students to ease pressure from academic work or emotional puzzles. The lakeside cafe is another hotspot during students’ four-year study. Sandwiches, baked seafood rice, hot coffee, and fresh juice are all part of life on the lake.
Night time is never ignored. Lakefront concerts, jazz or classical, are always well liked. Starlight and water reflections are peaceful and thought-provoking. With accompanying music, everything touches the soul and memory. Students enjoy their personal birthday parties by the lake, sometimes in the lake as well! What can you say? This is youth! 
This source of campus vitality is continually replenished by the skies. Rainfall is collected by Beauty Lake, which feeds the plants and wildlife indigenous to our campus. This is everlasting. Everything comes from Mother Nature and returns to her greener and happier.

This is an imageThe Pier
A place that collects laughter, joy, music, and youth!
Designed by junior students of Department of Landscape Architecture . Concerts, birthday parties, PE classes, student club activities, kayaking contests …. a variety of campus activities just match so well with this spectacular campus spot.
Let Us Keep the Moment!
Can we “freeze” our memories to keep those special moments vivid forever? What will we be like in, say… 25 years? How will we remember ourselves? What changes will at once surprise and touch us?
What language will we be using to greet each other after such a long separation? How many of us will recognize each other at first sight? Will we remember? Will we be remembered? Let us do something now!

This is an imageThe Time Capsule
All faculty and staff members selected the “most representative” items, personal or professional, to be buried in the monument, which was designed by instructor H. L. Wang, of the Department of Landscape Architecture. Items varied from name tags to historical manuscripts, from official papers to valuable pictures.
Let us freeze our memories in the Capsule…. Let us give us the “us” in 25 years…. Let us link today with tomorrow, and tomorrow with yesterday….