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To Emphasize Humane Care
Our campus is located in the Southern Changhua Plain, where the major economic activity is agriculture. Because of the location, we can escape from the noise and crowd typically found in cities. The overall campus design is oriented toward humanity and culture. On our campus, there are classical architecture styles, accompanied by green landscapes constructed with materials from the original forest from this area.
As for the students’ character building, we follow the humanist tradition of MingDao High School, which is unique in the Taiwanese education system, and has been proved to be successful. For example, we adopted the platform which is generally used only for Chinese Studies in Taiwan for the Lectures of MingDao Chinese Studies in 1993. We also created humanist atmosphere by using architectural styles and ancient sculptures based on Tang Dynasty originals, so that students can immerse themselves in the Chinese tradition. Furthermore, MingDao Literature, the only literature periodical for youth in the country, received the honor of being recognized as a superior periodical by the Government Information Office in Taiwan in the years 1977, 1990, 1992, 1993, and 1995. We even widened the scope to the whole country by establishing the MingDao Academic Literary Award with the goal of fostering numerous literary talents.