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Industry cooperation

To Cooperate with Local Industry
The school’s location, adjacent to the four towns of Tianwei, Beidou, Xizhou, and Pitou, lies in an agricultural area in which the population is around 130,000. The lack of natural resources, an underdeveloped commercial and industrial culture, as well as a lack of leisure and other public facilities compels young people from the area to seek out new lives elsewhere, resulting in negative population growth.
MingDao University helps promote environmental reform, takes part in public policy planning, and promotes regional development. For instance, Tianwei Township has developed a sophisticated and professional horticulture industry out of a traditional flower market. Besides, both the one-kilometer long ‘Tianwei Highway Garden’ and the future Taiwan Suger Farm Resort provide rich educational resources. Therefore, we established the Department of Landscape Architecture to cultivate the talents of landscape design, as well as to promote the local industry. For the same reason, we also established the first Department of Post-Modern Agriculture. Moreover, the Departments of Information Communication, Management, and Design, as well as the Graduate Institute of Education can highly improve the quality of culture and education, which will push the community development forward. We also offer life-long education to achieve the goals.