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The Harmony Bell House in the Professor’s Village

A unique and romantic living space….

The Professors’ Village, a famous landmark on MingDao Campus, was built in the European style, and has been profiled on TV countless times. Due to this, there’s always a long waiting list of people who want to move in. The houses feature dormer windows, attics, and the slanting roofs, and were built with wood imported from North America. They have been constructed so as to reduce sound pollution, and to provide protection from the elements. In order to reduce the noise further, the air conditioners have been situated away from the bungalows, rather than hanging out the windows or standing on the roof. In addition, the distances among all the houses are three meters from each other. Each unit is equipped with set of furniture, including a dining table, a refrigerator, bookshelves, and a sofa to curl up on after a long day of teaching and research.

Student Housing

There are two housing facilities available for undergraduate and gradate students. Zhiqiang Hall is on-campus, while the off-campus Mingcheng Hall is located in Xizhou Village. Dormitory fees are calculated on a semester basis. Charges do not include meals. The on-campus student dormitory provides accommodations mainly to freshmen or non-local students. Others should apply for off-campus student accommodation during the academic year to the Student Affairs Section by Call (886)-4-887-6660, ext. 6106. For accommodation procedures and an application form, please visit our International Affairs Office website or call (886)-4- 887-6660, ext. 2002.


Dormitory fees per student per semester
All fees shown are in NT$ (New Taiwan Dollars) and are for one semester only.


Zhiqiang Hall

  1. NT. 14,488(4 Students per quad)
  2. Internet fees included (NT. 1,688)

Please note that mattresses, sheets, pillows, and blankets are NOT included.)

  1. Shared bathroom per room
  2. Air-conditioned rooms (with limited hours)
  3. Furnished with bed frame, reading desk with drawers, bookshelf, wardrobe, air conditioner, ceiling fan
  4. A pass card for the security system with fire equipment
  5. Night counselor on staff
  6. Internet provided
  7. Shared TV room

Off-Campus Dormitory
(10-mins by bus)

Mingcheng Hall

  1. NT. 14,488 (4 Students per quad)
  2. NT. 17,048 (2 Students per Double Room)
  3. NT. 25,000 (Single room)
  4. Internet fee included (NT. 1688)
  5. Utilities are included for all types of rooms listed above.
  6. A special fee will be levied on utilities usage above 350 units per quad, 200 units per double.
  7. Long-term stay discounts are also offered for this dorm.
  8. The bus fare from the dorm to MDU is NT$10.
  9. Please note that mattresses, sheets, pillows, and blankets are not included.
  1. Shared bathroom per Room
  2. Air-conditioned rooms (with limited hours)
  3. Furnished with bed frame, reading desk with drawers, bookshelf, wardrobe, air conditioner, ceiling fan
  4. A pass card for the security system, and fire equipment
  5. Night counselor on staff
  6. Internet provided
  7. Shared TV room and recreation room
  8. laundry facilities
  9. outdoor basket ball area and underground parking lot

 The fees shown in this table only apply to the 2010/2011 academic year (Sep. 2010 to June 2011), and are subject to change annually.

Zhiqiang Hall

This building on MingDao Campus was named in honour of Taichung Mayor Jason Hu. Mayor Hu used to be an underachieving student, and in fact once dropped out of school while still a youth. But because of encouragement from the founder of MingDao University, he became a diligent student, worked hard to enter college, and finally obtained his PhD at Oxford University. MingDao hopes that all students will imitate this “big brother”, to be a person who is not afraid of a challenge, no matter how difficult.

Zhiqiang Hall has 980 beds. While these spaces are provided mainly to freshmen, some beds are reserved for transfer students or other students in special cases.

In Zhiqiang Hall, there are four people to a quad with a private bathroom, air conditioning, a telephone hook-up, and an internet connection. Each room contains four beautiful desks, chairs, bookshelves, beds, and wardrobes. In addition, each floor has a recreation room and a laundry room. Moreover, the refrigerator, an oven, a microwave oven, and other appliances are also provided.
Most importantly, we are so proud of our dorm networking facilities. Because we cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom to provide each student with between 5M and 1M kbps of bandwidth, they can more easily conduct research, stay connected with family and friends, and even play computer games.

If anyone wants to take it easy for a while or study privately, there is the Learning Center, a large common area on the first floor. In this space, computers, DVD players, TVs and other media for learning and recreational use are provided. Students can either meet with their study group, or hold any Student Club meetings and activities there. Students can even hold personal development courses, academic discussions, or even invite teachers to teach the arts or any other different courses. Opening hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 23:00 pm.

Ming-Cheng Hall

In the quaint village of Xizhou, Ming-Cheng Hall holds court as the most prominent building in the area. It was named with the school Motto in mind: “Wisdom (Ming), Virtue (Shan), Honesty (Cheng), and Progress (Shen).” In other words, use your wisdom to do everything sincerely. Without wisdom and virtue, there can be no honesty, and thus no progress.
Ming-Cheng Hall has 1100 beds. The bus, marked CHIAO- LUNG Shuttle Bus, operates on a fixed route between the on and off-campus dorms. A complete circuit takes about 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

There are three room types: quads (4 people), double rooms (2 people), and single rooms. Each air-conditioned room contains a private bathroom, and is furnished with a bed frame, a reading desk with drawers, a bookshelf, a wardrobe, a ceiling fan, and an internet hook-up. Each floor has laundry facilities with washers and dryers. There is a counselor on staff 24 hours a day.

The Kozy Inn

Overlooking the vast horizon, there is a wide green land and red bricks paths in the shadow of the trees. When night falls, MingDao’s Beauty Lake starts to reflect the rosy clouds and baby blue skies. Indeed, it’s tough to see where the sky ends and the water begins. Kozy comes from “cozy”, representing a comfortable and laid-back attitude. It reflects one of the philosophies of MingDao Campus: in our creative and intellectual pursuits, not even the horizon will stand as a boundary. This ideal is also captured in the layout of the trees around Beauty Lake, circling in a boundless continuum…

The Kozy Inn is the place for Department of Hospitality Management (DHM) students to do their internships.

The Kozy Inn is located on the second floor of Zhiqiang Hall. For any further information, please dial (886)-4-887-6660, Ext. 3809.


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